My approach to event videography stems from a strong commercial background and the ability to tell a story with compelling cinematography and stylized editing.  I lead one of the biggest event teams in the country and helped usher in a new era in event cinematography for Chicago.  I have also served as a video director and consultant for two Fortune 100 companies and currently manage the video department for a top 10 retailer - bringing with me the high caliber resources to the event spectrum.

1999 - The die is cast. I created my first series of event videos that broke a long-standing stigma of a traditionally long and difficult to watch movies.  By incorporating dynamic cinematography and creative cutting I was able create videos that were both entertaining and intrinsic in value.  

As a forward thinking studio, I capitalized on new technology and style that gives my group a creative on the competition - always re-inventing myself to stay ahead of the industry curve.  I take great pride and ownership in all the work my team produces.

Quality is very important to me both as a director and a business owner. In an effort to keep quality and creative consistency, I limit the number of bookings I take every year.   

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